2024 Korean Language Speaking Contest
  • How to apply: Upload a video clip of three minutes or less on YouTube → Fill out an online application via the button
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The Korea Times will hold its 1st Korean Language Speaking Contest this year.

This event will stand as a pivotal platform aimed at fostering heightened interest and enthusiasm toward the Korean language and culture among both domestic and international residents, offering opportunities for them to hone their language skills.

Our goal lies in the globalization of the Korean language and culture, thereby perpetually amplifying Korea's influence in the global arena.


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Submission period


* Winners will be gifted with Hangeul Kwaja, the Korean alphabet-shaped biscuits created by Tyler Rasch and Nidhi Agrawal.




The Korea Times


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1. Is there an age limit to the applicants?
No, Korean language learners of all ages are welcome to enter.

2. Is there a specific format or rules for the video?
No, it is a free format.

3. How is the prize money sent?
Prize money will be wired to or delivered to the awardees in person depending on whether you live inside or outside Korea.

4. How can applicants check whether their online application form has been successfully submitted?
An automatic message will be sent to your email when the submission is complete.

5. When is the deadline for the entries?
Submission must be made before 11:59 p.m. on April 28, 2024.